Do you want to offer your merchandise products in a webshop and/or sell them during your tour or concert? Then you’ve come to the right place at Merchandise&Entertainment.

Selling on location

We have a large team of enthusiastic sales staff at your service. In consultation with you, we take care of the transport to and from the location. We provide a personalized stand at the location, where electronic and cash payment is possible.

We are happy to discuss the options for your tour or event. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact us.

Concert stand
Concert at Sea Merchandise stand Verkoop op lokatie


M&E can build a personalized webshop for you. Here you can place all desired articles, with possibilitiy to add a ‘pre-sale’. The webshops can be offered in several languages. Together we make a webshop the way you want it!

M&E manages the web shops. From hosting and updates to the entire fulfillment towards the customer.

In addition, we also offer the option to handle customer inquiries and returns. Our customer service representatives are available every day to assist customers.


What makes the sales via M&E unique is that the audio sales count for the official Dutch and Belgian charts. This applies to both sales via the webshop and sales on location. Merchandise&Entertainment scans all sales for the Dutch Charts and Ultrapop! In previous projects we have been able to get albums high in the charts together.

Webshop examples